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"Music Entertainment"

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Dear friends!

We are pleased to present to your attention the International Competition of violin makers "Violin: Soul and Shape", which is held under the patronage of the Cultural Fund "Music entertainment".

The art of violin makers has a rich history in our country. The unique system of music education in Russia has given the world hundreds of wonderful musicians-performers on stringed musical instruments.

And the success of these musicians largely depended on the uniqueness of the musical instruments they played. And often these were instruments created by domestic violin makers. Competitions of violin masters are regularly held all over the world and repeatedly our masters became winners of these competitions in Italy, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Germany, France and other countries. The largest competition was held in Russia – the International Tchaikovsky violin competition.

With our competition "Violin: Soul and Shape" we wanted to continue the tradition of holding international competitions for violin masters, we wanted to give the opportunity to makers from different countries to meet and exchange invaluable experience.

Head of the Cultural Foundation "Music entertainment"

Semkin Ivan