All-Russian exhibition

violin makers

"The image of the violin" 2021


will take place

November 28 - December 06, 2021

in the International Union

musical figures

125009, Moscow,

Bryusov lane, 2/14, bldg. 8

Exhibition working hours :

28.11 - 05.12.2021

from 10.00 to 19.00

The All-Russian Exhibition of Violin Makers "The Image of the Violin" 2021 presents the instruments and bows of more violin makers who worked in Russia from the middle of the 19th century to the present day. Instruments by Mikhail Norin (1869), Rigat Rubas (1850), Nikolai Kittel (1860), Denis Yarovoy (1947 and 1955), Vladimir Yakimenko, Alexander Rabinovich, Boris Gorshkov, Vyacheslav Suprun, Nikolai Stasov, Andrey Zubenko (1991), Vladimir Kalashnikov, Evgeny Terekhov, Vladislav Sirin and many others.

We invite musicians: violinists, violists and cellists to test instruments and bows.

For all questions, please contact the Exhibition Organizing Committee:

109052, Moscow,

st. Nizhegorodskaya, 29-33, bldg. 27

Organizing Committee "Violin: Soul and Shape"

Tel .: +7 (495) 740-3908